Earning over 96.3 percent of the fan vote, Stromae beats Casey Veggies in The Boombox Battle this week. The rapper's collaboration with Dej Loaf, "Tied Up," was no match for Stromae's "Carmen."

The accompanying video for the track, which he sings completely in French, helps viewers who don’t speak French with the lyrics but also offers a satirical look at the world’s obsession with Twitter. Stromae's song may have dropped in 2013, but the clip is new, which keeps the tune fresh.

The Belgian artist has been receiving a lot of buzz as of late. We named him as one of the artists to look out for at Coachella 2015, and he brought out Kanye West as a special guest during his show at the festival, which only increased the amount of eyes pointing in his direction.

Unlike previous weeks where he faced one artist, Stromae competes against a group this week better known as Rawyals. Mentored by 50 Cent, the R&B trio from New York is making their mark with "King Me" featuring Fetty Wap. The bass-heavy mid-tempo track features the strong, independent ladies Ariel Nicholson, Bel Cabrera and Asia Shabazz. According to the lyrics, no one will take advantage of them and in this chess game, they rule above all else.

"I don't associate with lames now / Another level, we are not the same now / Chance or check 'cause I'm gon' end the game up / A pawn and queen together, never stay in your lane / Baby I, I don't do it / Out of your league, you must be stupid / Up on this pedestal looking at you acting like a groupie / Got my crown on tilt cause I know they watching, watching me / 'Cause I ain't no regular, regular, nah bitch I'm royalty," they sing.

Who will win this week? Will Stromae be victorious and take his place in The Boombox Hall of Fame? Or will newcomers Rawyals use their power of three to sweep him under the rug? It's time for you to decide. Go vote for your favorite song in the poll below. Remember, you can vote once per hour until the poll closes on Tues., May 19 at 10 a.m. ET.

Watch Stromae's "Carmen" Video

Listen to Rawyals' "King Me" Feat. Fetty Wap

Rules of The Boombox Battle
Two artists and their respective songs compete against each other each week. The triumphant artist goes on to compete in the next The Boombox Battle. If an artist wins The Boombox Battle four times consecutively, their song will be honored in The Boombox Battle Hall of Fame.