Dance movies often attract high-profile talent, and if we were awarding film series as a whole for their soundtracks, then 'Step Up' would certainly make this list. But 'Stomp The Yard' collects a really weird bunch of artists and pits them against each other in a weirdly irresistible combination. Eight years later, The Pack’s 'Vans' feels like a funny moment in the zeitgeist (especially given the evolution of member Lil B), but it was a phenomenon at the time of its release and remains a terrific song to dance to; ditto Huey’s 'Pop, Lock & Drop It,' which similarly takes the sludgy, downtempo sound that was emerging at the time and transforms it into something poppy. The Roots’ In The Music' feels like a sinister soundtrack to a final showdown, but it’s executed with predictable sophistication, while Cut Chemist’s 'Storm' featuring Edan embodies the album’s aesthetic, pulsing with a dance rhythm but juxtaposed against discordant, incongruous elements.