No doubt Stevie Wonder is a musical genius, but who knew dude had hip-hop running through his veins, too? After appearing on Busta Rhymes' 'Big Bang,' the soul legend will also grace Snoop Dogg's upcoming 'Blue Carpet Treatment.'

According to Doggystyle Records, the pairing was as simple as a sleepover. (Get your mind out of the gutter.) Snoop Dogg and his crew were at his house one day when Wonder unexpectedly dropped by with his recording equipment. After everyone eventually fell asleep, the soul legend got to work. Using special "talking" devices that help him run the boards in spite of his blindness, he produced for Snoop an adaptation of his own classic, 'Have a Talk with God.'

As Snoop goes to church on the verses, proclaiming "even G's pray," Wonder sings the hook and even peppers his notes with the Southern-influenced slang term "mayne." Take that, Oprah.