The train wreck that is Stephon Marbury just took a hard left and careened through the world of hip-hop. In a video that hit YouTube on Thursday, the NBA's (former?) wild child took issue with some lines in 'La La La' -- a Jay-Z track that came out on 'Blueprint 2' almost seven years ago.

"Don't confuse me with Marbury," raps Hova in the relevant portion of the song. "Run up on me at the light/ You could lose your life. " A strong threat indeed, but why in the world is Marbury choosing to take shots at the King so long after the fact? Well, he suddenly has a big problem with Jay's claims of violence.

"You ain't gonna kill nobody," responded Marbury while seated in a parked car somewhere. "You was not doing no life sentence in jail for the rest of your life. Let's stop that. Stop tricking people. Stop making people believe that. That's foolishness. That's exactly what that is. You know you not shooting and killing nobody. You don't got no heart to shoot nobody in they brains right in front of them and say, 'Okay, bring me to jail.' What you gonna do? Go run?"

Given Marbury's close ties with Fat Joe's Terror Squad and other related artists like Ja Rule, it would be highly unlikely that he somehow missed the track until now. Maybe his anger has been festering through years of screwing up the Knicks and lowering morale of New Yorkers everywhere. Either way, this is Marbury -- a man who has broadcasted his own tears and drug use in the past couple months. He didn't stop there.

"Everybody know you," he ranted. "They see your face. They know you. That's the camel. He right over there!"

Good work, my man. Take the most popular, played-out Jay-Z diss and hop onboard. That song wasn't even about you. You got half a line (like all of Hova's too-small-to-name haters). Of course - as he's never one to sign off without a genuine head scratching moment -- Marbury concludes the proceedings by putting Jay's 'P.S.A' on super loud and dancing. Very puzzling.