Clearly Stephon Marbury has no intention of letting his one-sided beef with Jay-Z simmer down. The basketball player, who took issue with a line in Jay-Z's 7-year-old song 'Excuse Me Again,' put together his own rap addressing his fellow Brooklyn-native for the second time in one week.

On the rebuttal track Marbury demands an apology from Jay stating that if he doesn't get one he will "handle" him. The amateur recording skills and even more amateur songwriting skills point to the song being a joke, but Marbury seems surprisingly serious. "You are lame and you now it," the 32-year-old raps. "Everybody's going to know it, about how you are a poet/You are phony, now I'm gonna let the world know you're not from the hood/You better stop playing and say I'm sorry/Cuz if you don't its gonna to be a big riot, with my words against yours/You know you can't say nothing to me homie." Marbury continues his threats stating that he is setting up a program for newly released inmates that will attack Jay if necessary.

The original lyrics in questions came out on Jay-Z's 2002 album, 'Blueprint 2.' "Please excuse yourself, you're very sick/Don't confuse me with Marbury, out this b----," Hov raps in the track. As to why the baller is choosing to respond now, remains a mystery.

This isn't the first time Marbury has raised eyebrows with his video rants. Earlier in the year the former New York Knicks player began to cry on camera while listening to a gospel song. His bizarre display of emotion and babble sent the rumor mill buzzing with stories questioning Marbury's mental health, and possible drug use.