A small-town guy from a blue collar background (his clothing line is even called Blue Collar Gang), Stalley is just about the most humble guy in hip-hop.

But, perhaps in light of recent events, the Maybach Music MC leaps out of his shell and proclaims, "This generation is in dying need of a voice like me," on his brand new single, 'Raise Your Weapons.'

Stalley maintains the poignancy over the sorrowing, slow-building Block Beattaz beat, rapping, "Yeah I'm upset yo/ 'Cause you won't accept the people I rep fo'." It's all part of his plan to "call attention to the constant fight for justice," which is refreshing to hear from the MMG camp, to say the least.

'Raise Your Weapons' is the second single from Stalley's as-yet-untitled mixtape, which he plans to put out on August 8.