Stack BundlesYung Stack, the sibling of slain rapper Stack Bundles, has announced that he will follow in his elder brother's footsteps and become a rapper. Bundles, a member of Dip-Set's Byrd Gang, was shot to death outside of his Far Rockaway, Queens home in 2007. Though his murder was never solved, the chief suspect in his death was found dead several days later, shot in the head and leg.

In an interview from Stack's grave, Yung Stack explained that he had begun rapping right around the time of his older brother's tragic death. He plans to continue his legacy with the 'My Gift or My Curse' mixtape, which features his group, Riot Gang.

"In two and a half years, look what I done did," Yung Stack said. "And I aint even going hard, I am just getting my f------ feet wet. Imagine if I sit back and put my all into this. I wasn't never the best brother in the world, I wasn't the smartest, f------ up in school. It took this to really see that life ain't no joke, s--- can be really taken from you. That's my older brother. We wasn't cool, we just started getting cool. The s--- kills, me, every day."Though the young rapper is serious about his career, he claims that several members of his brother's crew have failed to take his rapping seriously. "I aint gonna say no names, but they laughed at me, [They said] ' yo that's not your place," he said. "Shout out to everyone that supports me, everybody that constantly checks on me," Yung Stack concluded. "I appreciate that s--- with the fullest. Even the people that ain't supporting me, I still thank you for that. Y'all the reason I'm about to start going hard."

Yung Stack's 'My Gift or My Curse' drops Feb. 14.