"Well, our last conversation didn't go very well..."

Singer-songwriter Spree Wilson returns with a new single, the somber "Last Call For Sad Goodbyes." Produced by Malay, the piano-driven ballad features Wilson singing about a relationship that could be reaching it's end, while he's trying to be as amicable and reasonable as possible.


"I just hope we'll be alright," he sings as the bass drops. "Just don't go, baby."

The groove is a combination of melodic bass punctuating skittering synths and the aforementioned mournful piano carrying the mix. As Wilson continues to sing that "We'll be alright," the song builds to an emotional crescendo of Prince-ly falsetto ad-libs and synth strings.

"Last Call For Sad Goodbyes" is set to be included on Wilson's forthcoming EP and continues in the acclaimed singer's tradition of melodically-driven futuristic pop-meets-R&B. If that seems like a description full of contradictions--it isn't. Wilson's music touches a lot of bases--from his hit with AfroJack "The Spark" to his brilliant "Counterfeit," released earlier this year.

Check out "Last Call For Sad Goodbyes" above. And you can peep the "Counterfeit" video below: