Last month Rick Ross confirmed that he recorded a new track with Kanye West titled 'Live Fast, Die Young,' for his upcoming album 'Teflon Don.' On Wednesday, the Miami rapper dropped another big hint on Twitter that Spike Lee might be enlisted to direct the visuals for the upcoming single.

"Me and Yeezy made a different kind of may require a different kind of director," he wrote, before including picture of himself posted up next to famed director. But Ross hasn't revealed any further details on a possible collaboration with Lee. Instead he has continued to posts updates about the filming of his video 'Blowing Money Fast.'

Ross says the song is a departure from anything he has recorded in the past. "I feel like it's one of the best records I've been a part of in my career," he said. "Kanye produced it and we collaborated on it. It's a phenomenal record. I'm just extremely excited."

'Teflon Don' is currently slated for a July release. Ross is set to perform at the 10th annual BET Awards in Los Angeles on June 27.