So, 'The Hills' star Spencer Pratt is apparently a rapper. We discovered this last week, after Pratt dissed fellow rapper Asher Roth, saying he "lacked swag."

In an interview with Complex, Pratt explained what he meant by that statement, pointing out "the fact that I'm so paid, and he's broke [laughs]. Simple as that. That's my whole point, being that I'm fly with tons of money, and he doesn't have that yet. I'm sure he'll have a lot more swag in three years if he keeps selling."

Pratt also previously said that he was like "the white Jay-Z." When the magazine asked him whether he would consider his new wife (and 'Hills' co-star) Heidi Montag the "white Beyonce," Pratt said he considered her "a little bit more than the white Beyonce. Beyonce had to be built by a group like Destiny's Child, but Heidi shines solo. I'll actually give you an exclusive: I could guarantee you Speidi's [Spencer and Heidi's] "Bonnie & Clyde" version is going to stunt on Jay and B's version."

The interview includes much more hilarity from Pratt, including a revolutionary scheme to be his own hypeman, "I'll hype myself before I start rapping. I'll get on the mic and be like, "Who is hotter than me in the game? No one." And his interest in getting Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman on his next single, "because they just have too much swag that they don't know what to do with themselves."

Check the rest of the interview here. Somewhere, Joaquin Phoenix is calling Spencer Pratt a swagger jacker...we're going to keep living our lives, though.