It's 2016 and the year couldn't start without some kind of Twitter feud. This time SpaceGhostPurrp went on his timeline and wrote some vicious tweets at A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti, Lil B and the late rapper, A$AP Yams. Of course, that didn't sit well with the A$AP Mob crew and they responded accordingly.

For those who may not know, Purrp was once affiliated with A$AP Rocky but the two had a falling out. According to, Purrp and Rock reportedly ended their feud after Yams stepped in and negotiated a truce between the two warring parties.

Well, it appears that the feud is back on.

The Miami rapper re-tweeted a diss song called "Cookin Yams" and wrote some disparaging remarks about Yams and the A$AP Mob. "F--- lil b, f--- Rocky, f--- yams, f--- ya'll dead family members if you mad, and if you mad fight me one on one be quiet," he tweeted on Tuesday (Jan. 5).

"All you salty n----- in my mentions mad as f--- talkin s--- but ya'll ain't gone fight none of us doe cause ya'll bitches," he added.

Purrp is clearly demented. He even goes as far to say that they're going to "play the music at his grave or stick head phones in his dissolved ass ear," when a tweeter mentioned that insulting the dead is pointless.

Purrp also managed to throw in a barb towards Action Bronson by simply calling the rhymer "a real bitch." And unfortunately he's reveling in his villainous ways. "IT FEELS GOOD TO BE THE BAD GUY," he tweeted.

The A$AP Mob was quick to respond though as A$AP Twelvyy made sure to remind Purrp that he's ready to knuckle up. In the end, it's an unfortunate mess that shouldn't be happening on social media.

We hope that Purrp and the A$AP Mob can work this out before anyone gets hurt, especially after Purrp posted a random, yet harrowing tweet, "I'm going to prison soon for 25 years."

Can we all just get along? Stop the violence, increase the peace!

Check out the Twitter feud below.

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