Soulja Boy ain't no joke. "I can't keep playin' around, because if you keep playin' around, people are gonna think you're a joke," he told XXL. "I don't want to be super-Lupe-Fiasco-lyrical and n--gas don't know what the f--k I'm talking about....I want to be the best. I want to be recognized in that category where I'm nominated for Best Rapper with Jay-Z and Kanye and Wayne. I wanna get a Grammy. I want Best Rap Album of the Year...I've made millions of dollars off of doing my style, but, hey, I can rap, too." Really? [XXL]

Green Day's Billy Joe Armstrong had some good advice for aspiring bands: get waaasted. "Around Insomniac we became a s--tier live band. We began playing arenas; we didn't really know how to play them that well and at the same time we started becoming a lot more introverted. Then we started drinking a lot more. Being drunk on stage, your inhibitions are gone. Most of the stuff we've come up with, like bringing someone up to sing with us or running around in drag, that's all from being liquored up." Duh. [MusicRooms]