In a recent interview, Soulja Boy Tell Em took some time to address a recent attack by Wu-Tang Clan's GZA. During a performance in London, the Genius and a boisterous crowd of fans expressed some discontent with Soulja Boy, 50 Cent and MTV.

The Genius acted as crowd motivator as fans screamed "F--- Soulja Boy" into his microphone. Mr. Crank That responded to GZA's rant and dismissed any thoughts of putting the beef on wax. "I wouldn't even rap against the Genius. I'd put up someone who was born in '66 to go against the Genius so it can be a tie," Soulja Boy told Rhapsody. "He's got like 50 years on me. I wouldn't even associate with the Genius. [In the video] he was looking like I stole his money or something."

The 17-year-old rap star and other "ringtone rappers" have been under attack ever since Nas' 'Hip Hop is Dead' movement, which shuns pop-rap acts like Soulja Boy. Some acts have responded to the backlash of their commercial buzz with claims that other rappers are simply jealous of their popularity.

"I ain't gonna be like "F--- the GZA" 'cause I ain't never met that dude," Soulja Boy said. "But he says, 'F--- Soulja Boy' 'cause he needed a buzz.