Twenty-year-old Atlanta phenom Soulja Boy, who recently claimed to be recording with Drake, has now announced that he will be providing production for 50 Cent's long-delayed new album.

The Queens rap mogul guested on Soulja Boy's poorly-received third album, 'The DeAndre Way,' and it appears that he will be collaborating with the young rapper-producer yet again.

"We were in California [last month] and 50 played his whole album, what he got so far," Soulja Boy revealed to "He was asking me for some beats, so I played some beats, gave him some beats. He's got some tight beats from me too. I left him like five beats in California and he's been recording on them."

Soulja Boy had some encouraging words regarding his mentor's long-awaited fifth album, '2011 Get Rich or Die Trying,' which was initially entitled 'Black Magic,' and intended to have some kind of Euro-dance-influenced club sound, but is now reportedly on the soulful tip.

"That's true. He has some soul and he has people singin' the different hooks," Soulja confirmed. "But he's smart though. It's still 50, but it's on another level now. You know where he comes from... His album was kinda dope. I ain't gonna lie to you. That's my big bro and all that. I got love for him. He's got some good stuff on there."

50 tweeted more news about his album yesterday (May 12), calling the new effort "the 2011 Get Rich or Die Trying."

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