Despite being robbed at gunpoint after his last album release party, Soulja Boy says that he's placed his financial future in gold jewelry. "It's in a safe deposit bank in Soulja Bank over in Japan that you never heard of," he said of his $3 million worth of jewels. "Gold is the best thing going, all the people that's watching, honestly...all of my jewelry is where it's at." Gold got it goin' on. [MTV]

Lil B revealed that he sometimes cries while rapping. "Yeah, it brings tears to my eyes," he said "I'm just so happy to be here. There's so much behind my music. This isn't just rapping, this is deeper. I'm doing this for the love and for life, so people can grow. I want things to change and for progression in music. I produced, composed, and rapped on the first ambient rap album in hip-hop and that was last year. I got 1,200 songs. I released 900 freestyles last year, all for free. It's like I have reasons to feel this way." OK, man. [RapFix]

New Power 105.1 morning co-host Charlamagne Tha God was not a fan of Diddy's SNL performance on Saturday. "I'm convinced that Diddy's 'Last Train To Paris' should be his Last Trip anywhere, musically period," Charlamagne tweeted, before dissing Kalenna. "The chick in Dirty Money who's not Dawn looks like she can chew her way out of any situation...The chick from Dirty Money who's not Dawn looks like a chick you would see on the "Last A Train To Brooklyn." Eh. [CThaGod]