After celebrating his 26th birthday, Soulja Boy delivers a gift to his fans - a new mixtape called Rockstar.

The 18-song collection boasts head-nodding trap music with beats by London on Da Track, Mike Will Made-It and many others. In addition, rappers Sean Kingston, Lil Ronnie, King Reefa and others make cameos on the tape.

Throughout Rockstar, Soulja Boy raps about his lavish lifestyle of money, women and foreign cars. Song highlights include the gritty "Goblins" and the celebratory title track. On the turn-up banger “To the Max,” SB raps about flossing cash and sipping lean.

Speaking of lean, Soulja Boy will appear on Viceland's guerrilla journalism series, Black Market, to discuss the usage of the cough syrup and soda concoction known as lean. Rappers like Soulja boast their fondness for the codeine drink in rap songs.

“Every time I drink, I got to work. It just calms you down, it does make you more creative,” said Soulja Boy about his lean addiction. “And my music just starts going crazy. My numbers go five million views, seven million views because of the lean.”

You can watch the full episode at

Check out Soulja Boy's mixtape Rockstar below.

Listen to Soulja Boy's Rockstar Mixtape