Soulja Boy is in a stuntin' mood. The rapper boasts about how awesome his life is on '0 to 100.'

The new freestyle, over Drake's '0 to 100' beat, has Soulja Boy price-checking all of his expensive things. "I rock Louis V. s---, I don't rock Hilfiger," he raps. "Hop up out the cut I'm gettin' deals n---- / Six million on that once, one on my wrist / Ridin' through the hood, Ace of Spades, bottle of the Cris."

The track is from the rapper-producer's upcoming 'King Soulja 3' mixtape. "I did this one for y'all," he tweeted along with a link to the track.

The release of Soulja Boy's '0 to 100' freestyle is just one of the many that have debuted since Drake released the original song earlier this month. Chris Brown, Meek Mill and G-Unit are just of the artists who have spit over the beat.

Listen to Soulja Boy's '0 to 100' Freestyle