Solange and Alan Ferguson's wedding details were kept under wraps until the day of the nuptials, but now the singer's mother is spilling the beans on the special day. From Beyonce coming to the rescue to the story behind how she broke out in hives, Tina Knowles reveals all.

After photos circulated around the internet showcasing Solange and her all-white wedding, another set caught her with a flushed face covered in hives. So what happened to Beyonce's little sister?

"[Solange] went through the wedding and the sit-down dinner and she was just fine," Tina explained. "And then they had a second line in the streets of New Orleans and she was dancing so hard, I think she just got overheated. And the seafood, I think she had a reaction to it."

Sibling squabbles weren't an issue here as Beyonce was the first one to help Solange get through her ordeal. "[Beyonce] took her back to the hotel room and gave her Benadryl and cortisone creams," she revealed. "She took a shower and in two hours, she showed up at the reception and did the dance with her son and just had a ball."

Of course, Mama Knowles is talking about that much watched video of Solange dancing with her son Julez to Rae Sremmurd's 'No Flex Zone' at the reception.

The youthful looking 60-year-old mom of two also said children weren't allowed at the reception, which is why Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter Blue Ivy couldn't attend. "She didn't get to come to the after party,"said Tina. "[Julez] only got to come and do the dance and then he had to leave. Had to go to bed. It was a grown folks party."

Watch Tina Knowles Give Details on Solange's Wedding

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