It looks like R&B singer Solange Knowles may have a new gig. Rumor has it the 22-year-old mother may be hitting the stage as the opening act for Michael Jackson on his European tour, which is set to begin in London this summer.

According to reports, Solange and her camp are in negotiations to close the deal. The singer was also allegedly seen renewing her passport, sparking reports that she was heading overseas for the tour. Although neither Jackson's or Solange's reps have substantiated the claims, the tech-savvy star has become a fixture on networking sites like Twitter, and usually updates her "followers" on both her business and personal life.

She recently "twittered" about an accident between her tour bus and a deer, as well as ending up in the hospital after taking too much NyQuil. The fact that she hasn't written about the possible tour with the King of Pop has the rumor mill buzzing.

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Since dropping her sophomore release, Solange has further separated her performance and writing style from that of her older sister Beyonce. Last year's 'Sol-Angel and The Hadley Streets Dreams' was an eclectic mix of '60s style R&B with hints of funk and electronica.

"If I had to describe the sound of my record I would like to think that it is as if The Supremes, The Marvelettes, Dusty Springfield and Minnie Riperton were to make the music they did in the 60's and 70's now, with a modern touch," she said in an interview. "When hearing this album, I hope the listener is taken back to a time when music was melodic, sweet, and soulful." Despite critical acclaim the album lacked huge commercial success. That said the younger member of the Knowles clan has become doubly popular for her outspoken nature and risky fashion sense.

Billed as his comeback tour, Jackson will treat fans to hits spanning over a 20-year career.