Solange's unbelievably catchy and endearing 'True' jam, 'Lovers In The Parking lot,' receives a video treatment that might leave you re-thinking any disdain you have for your local mall.

The Houston native spends the entirety of her latest set of visuals bouncing around a series of stores, mostly of the jewelry and clothing variety. And while that might not read like the most enjoyable viewing experience, Solange makes it worth your time by showing off her dance moves and unique fashion sense.

It's actually her dancing that leads to one of the video's best moments, if not the best, as she approaches two men in a dimly lit area of the mall. It turns out that they're none other than rap legends Bun B and Mannie Fresh, who proceed to two-step right along with Solange to the beat of the track. If that moment is primed for an animated gif, we're not sure what is.

You can watch the video above. 'True' is out now.

[via The Creator's Project]