It hasn't even been a year since Snootie Wild signed to Yo Gotti's CMG label, a subsidiary of Epic Records. And it wasn't that long ago that he turned the Southeast on its collective ear with his incredibly huge hit 'Yayo,' which is now spinning on a whopping 250 stations across the U.S. "Yayo" of course is the Spanish slang term for cocaine.

A few months back, the Memphis, Tenn., native dropped the first remix of 'Yayo' with T.I., and this time, he recruits even more rappers for a star-studded remix. The new version features Fabolous, Jadakiss, YG and French Montana, who all spit punchline-driven rhymes about their past connection to yayo.

"All I know is yayo / Feel some type of way y'all dudes know I'll let the K go / Couple dudes is nice the rest of y'all just in the way though / Bitches from Columbia to bitches from L.A. though," rhymes Kiss, in his usual monotone cadence.

Montana caps the song off with a sing-songy flow that's pretty much become his signature delivery. He also shouts out some of the neighborhoods in New York that have always been infamous for having a thriving cocaine market.

"Dyckman got that yayo / Heights got that yayo / Fourth has got that yayo / Broadway's got that yayo," spits Frenchie. Anyone who's every been to these places in Manhattan, knows he not lying.

The song was just released 18 hours ago and already it has an impressive 36,540 listens, and 602 likes on SoundCloud. And Snootie recruiting the likes of Fab, Kiss, YG and Montana will undoubtedly get the song even more radio spins than the original version. He definitely secured the perfect guest features.

Listen to Snootie Wild's 'Yayo' Remix Feat. Fabolous, Jadakiss, YG & French Montana