Hip-hop heavyweight Snoop Dogg appeared on Larry King Live Friday to weigh in on the election, his 'Father Hood' reality series and the "wholesome side of Snoop Dogg." Before hitting the set of the CNN program, Snoop took King to his favorite restaurant, Roscoe's Chicken 'n Waffles, in L.A.

The rapper exposed the award-winning television host to the magic in the famous chicken and waffles combination, and King taught the Doggfather what an Arnold Palmer (half lemonade, half iced tea) is. Snoop doesn't endorse a candidate on the program, but he does talk about the importance of voting.

"I just want to see somebody win that's in the best interest for America," Snoop tells King. "Whether it be a black man [Barack Obama] or a woman [Hillary Clinton] -- either one is a great move for America, because we need change."

The rapper also discusses his former life as a gang member and tells King that he's become somewhat of a counselor to gang members. "They look to me for guidance, for experience," Snoop explains. "I'm just a phone call away, as far as helping them to say that you've got to believe in yourself, because the first person to doubt you is you. And when you believe in you, everybody believes in you after you believe in yourself."