Almost a year after the song was released on Rihanna's 'Loud' album, Snoop Dogg took it upon himself to shoot a video for his own version of the singer's 'California King Bed' single, entitled 'California King.'

In the perplexing Dah Dah-directed video, Snoop puffs a blunt in his hotel room on one side of the screen, while an erotic dancer gets dressed -- she puts on some sexy lingerie -- on the other side, and Rihanna's actual video plays on flat screen TVs in both.

The dancer, who somewhat resembles Kim Kardashian, relaxes with a drink by a pool, presumably in California, and Snoop calls her up, staring morosely at New York City's Empire State Building, to read her his new love poem over Rihanna's ballad about long-distance love.

"California dreamin', schemin', you got me gleamin'/ I need you on my team an' you get my meanin'/ It sound crazy, but it's amazing/ Lay down with me so we can make some babies," Snoop serenades. "I make the bread, make love and make the bed/ Girl, you got me takin' my meds and shakin' my head," he rhymes.

While it seems that Snoop eventually decides to make the trip to meet his lady-in-underwear, he instead ends up in the recording studio, leaving only a paltry text message, which she receives after killing a bottle of wine. As Rihanna's video continues to play on her flat screen, she waits, alone.

Watch Snoop Dogg's 'California King'