Larry King has had a lot of hip-hop personalities on his talk show over the years but he's never been featured on a hip-hop artist's show himself. That all changed recently when he appeared on Snoop Lion's GGN YouTube show and got a tutorial on rapping from the Artist Formerly Known As Snoop Dogg.

"It's not hard to do, Larry. It's more about the rhythm of it all," Snoop says at the beginning of his lesson. King asks Snoop if there has ever been a Jewish rap star, to which Snoop replies "Not yet." (FYI  Snoop, there have been a few Jewish rap stars including the Beastie Boys, Mac Miller and Drake.)

Snoop helps Larry King brainstorm some ideas of what to rap about. When he mentions that he enjoys having dinner at a nice place, they begin rapping a song titled "Dinner for Two."

Watch Snoop's latest episode of GGN below.