Snoop Dogg's Youth Football League is taking over your local 7-Eleven.

Since it began six years ago, the inner-city football league has seen four of its former players go on to play football at NCAA Division 1 colleges. In an effort to raise more money for the non-profit, Snoop designed the logo on the cups -- an appropriate animated version of the rapper holding a football and a mic -- as part of the chain's Coffee Cup with a Cause program. 7-Eleven promises a donation of at least $250,000 to SYFL, and more money if more cups are sold.

Snoop called the venture "huge" for the league. "It means many good things are in store for the players, and the league can reach out to more kids and touch more lives," he said in a statement. Snoop plans on expanding the league across the country, beginning with Chicago this year.

Another SYFL season kicks off this weekend in Los Angeles, with the first official games on Sept. 11 and 12. The cups will be on sale at 7-Elevens through Oct. 18.

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