Members of the Los Angeles Police Department were not feeling the holiday spirit, as they impounded Snoop Dogg's car on Christmas Eve. TMZ is reporting that Snoop's 1967 Pontiac Parasienne was towed after one of Snoop's friends drove it on a suspended license.

The famous yellow convertible, which has been featured in several clips with the rapper, was hauled off to an impound lot on Friday (Dec. 24), before Uncle Snoop made his way over to get it released. Even though he wasn't in the car at the time, Snoop was still required to foot the $261 bill to free his beloved convertible.

Snoop isn't the only celebrity who has had their vehicle impounded this month, when letting others get behind the wheel. Keyshia Cole's Mercedes SUV was impounded after her nephew drove it while intoxicated. Despite informing cops of his famous family member, he was arrested and the car was taken away. Cole, however, was not in such a hurry to get the car back. Sources have revealed that the vehicle is still sitting in an Ohio impound lot, now covered in snow, since being apprehended on Dec. 2. If and when she decides to pick up the car, it will cost her a reported $700, plus court fees.

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