Snoop Dogg has taken on a number of personas, but this is probably his most ridiculous to date.

Meet Todd. He likes to crochet, paintball and "do a little spoken word from time to time," as he reveals in a video posted to Instagram.

With complete white face on, some large '70s glasses and a weird bob-like layered blond wig (which makes him look more like a middle-aged woman than a guy), Snoop totally transforms into the character. He's been posting various videos of Todd on his Instagram account, even going so as far as to change his voice -- making him sound like a high-pitched, slightly maniacal younger man.

According to his videos, the rapper donned the new look for a fictitious site called 'White Boy Connect,' where he says "white guys find fly single females to have a great time."

In one photo, Todd poses with actress Nia Long, among others.

While we're not sure what Snoop Dogg is really up to, it's a pretty entertaining sight to see.

Check out more photos and videos of Snoop as Todd below.