Snoop Dogg is taking another shot at the design business and is reportedly bringing soccer superstar David Beckham into the mix.

According to the UK Mirror, Snoop and Beckham are teaming up for a "fly" fashion line, inspired by babies. "I'd love to do a Babygro range and baby house shoes with Beckham," Snoop told the tabloid. He also commented on the soccer player and his wife, former Spice Girl Victoria's soon-to-be born bundle of joy. "It's great news they are having a baby."

Although there's no word on just how far these two plan to take the idea, this isn't the Long Beach native's first shot at a clothing line. Unfortunately, the fashion business ventures haven't been very successful.

Last year, Snoop closed the doors on the Rich & Infamous line, which launched in 2008. Due to the crumbling economy, Snoop couldn't keep the business afloat. "The recession is affecting everybody," he said in an interview. "We're trying to keep it one hundred percent and do what we're doing and try to keep the prices a little lower. [We're] trying to keep it cost sufficient for what [we're] doing."

Elsewhere in fashion, Snoop was also named the president of Serious Pimp fashion, which also includes a sunglasses line. He launched his signature OG Bandana glasses with the company.

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