While some California OGs like Ice Cube have been hesitant to give their co-sign to the rising crop of local MCs, the West Coast's Doggfather Snoop Dogg says that he enjoys giving his blessings to the new breed.

Calling himself "Uncle Snoop" to the up-and-coming rappers of his state, Snoop revealed in a recent interview that he's happy to offer a helping hand.

"As far as the New West or the young MCs out here on the West Coast, I'm very familiar with them because they call me Uncle Snoop," the Long Beach rap legend told MTV.

"More than likely, they come get my blessings on a record, or through mutual friends we connect with each other, because I always keep my ear to the streets and I always love being a part of what's new and fly representing the West Coast," he continued. "I've always been one to try to put that on the forefront, so I keep my ear glued to the street when it comes to these new acts from the West. I try to be a part of their projects and a part of blowing them up."

To that end, Snoop has lent his vocal support to a variety of young California rappers, from Nipsey Hussle, Glasses Malone and YG to current Cali hero the Game, offering newcomers a break and sometimes even going pro bono if he connects with their vibe and hustle.

"When you doing those types of situations, you building relationships and you building trust in a community that doesn't have no trust right now," Snoop revealed. "To me, that means more to me to be able to go back and give these artists a shot and not overcharge them and try to rob the bank and say, 'Give me what I'm worth.' Nah, let me give you a shot, because if we playing team ball and I'm from the West, you guys are a part of my team."

Check out Snoop Dogg and newcomer Wiz Khalifa in their weed-tribute film 'High School,' which begins shooting in May.

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