Snoop DoggLegendary Cali rapper Snoop Dogg has announced that he will be hosting "Snoop Dogg Nation," a week-long, commercial-free channel on SIRIUS XM Radio, which begins today (Dec. 14).

The channel will highlight Snoop's 17-year career; from his early work with Dr. Dre on the 'Deep Cover' soundtrack and Dre's classic 'The Chronic' and Snoop's first solo effort, 'Doggystyle,' through his recent release, 'Malice N Wonderland' which dropped this week.

As host of Snoop Dogg Nation, the Doggfather will be giving listeners insight into his storied career, discussing his top 20 hip hop songs , and offering an exclusive track-by-track break down of his new album.

Snoop will also be giving Hip-Hop Nation host Renada an exclusive interview, during which he will "discuss creating his new album, his life as a 'family man,' his views on the music industry and more," according to a SIRIUS XM press release.

Snoop was recently given a position as Creative Chairman of Priority Records, making him the latest in a string of artists who are being given titles at record labels, in hopes of jump-starting the anemic music industry.

Snoop Dogg Nation begins today at 12PM ET through Dec. 20 at 10PM EST, on Sirius channel 40 and XM channel 67.

His 10th album, Malice N Wonderland' was released on Dec. 8.

Buy Malice N Wonderland on iTunes.