"I get to be a gun-slinging cowboy with my brim on, my boots on, my jeans on, my long jacket, jumping off a horse," Snoop Dogg said when describing the video for his country-tinged new single 'My Medicine.' The rap star has officially gone country and he'll showcase his new look in the upcoming video.

The emcee took the opportunity to branch out and try a variety of sounds on his latest project, 'Ego Trippin.' Snoop teamed up with producer/rapper Shawty Redd and played with a vocoder on the album's first single 'Sensual Seduction' and covered The Time's 'Cool' for a '80s funk vibe.

"I think I have more room than ever to do as I please," Snoop said in a recent interview. "I've made so many records that were true to hip-hop, true to Snoop Dogg and true to the West Coast and gangsta rap in genre. Now it's time for me to make records that feel good to me and [to] venture out."

The Doggfather is already plotting his next project, which is tentatively entitled 'Malice in Wonderland,' which was inspired by composer Lalo Schifrin. "He conducted some music for me that was so sinister, so evil, mean and dark," Snoop explained. "I just wanted to make a record like that. That's just the way I feel."