Snoop DoggSnoop Dogg is essentially a real life superhero, yet he's taking things a step further in the DVD portion of his upcoming re-release of 'Malice N Wonderland' called (duh) 'More Malice.' The two-disc set features new music, collaborations with Jay-Z and Kid Cudi that have been reworked into a cinematic version of the album that should help explain the storyline in more detail.

"I like to be very creative," Snoop told MTV News. "I like to give people all of Snoop Dogg when I give them an album. I felt like on the ['Malice N Wonderland'] record, I didn't give all of Snoop Dogg like I really could have. I had to make the record be about 12 songs and conceptually stick to the script as opposed to what I normally do with 20 to 21 songs on the album and overdose people. So what I did [on 'More Malice'] was, I pulled back from the music and put a little more thought in the creative side as far as the visual aspects."

The film version finds Snoop going from the bottom to the top of the globe with the help of a very special superpower. The rapper's character can control and do everything with his hands. For Snoop, this is a more believable concept than flying over buildings or having the ability to shoot lasers from one's fingers.

"I'm able to deflect bullets and cause a great range of sound that can blow your eardrums out," he explained. "You know, I can just do many different things, whatever I want to do with my hands. This is the power that I wanted that people could identify with that wasn't so far-fetched, like me flying through the sky or going through a building. That's just kind of hard to believe, but the way I got it, it's believable."