Snoop Dogg is set to have fans drinking the "Cool Aid" this summer. The 44-year-old rapper revealed his artwork for his forthcoming album as well as the title -- Cool Aid.

"I'm cool, you know and I'm laid back," said Snoop Dogg about the album title on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Similar to previous Snoop albums like Doggy Style and Tha Last Meal, the new album cover shows a cartoonized version of Snoop's Dogg persona. But instead of chasing tail, this dreaded-dog is serving an array of colorful drinks. One drink in neon green is labeled "G" while a yellow-orange sits to the left of it with the label "swag." There's also a baby blue drink for "style" as well as a red drink for "hair" and a pinkish purple beverage for "lingo." And the kids are lining up for it -- they're even sporting infamous hoverboards.

But the Long Beach legend couldn't let the scene go without paying homage to the Crips. Like the famous Batman signal, Snoop has a Crips sign hanging in the air over the city. There's also a blue bandana-wearing many riding a bike in the background while his homeboy rides the handle bars and smokes something that's likely Snoop's favorite plant.

Not to mention the scantily-clad woman who seem to be trying to get some of Snoop's "style" drink.

As far as the sounds, the "Doggfather" has been cooking up sounds with Just Blaze. In an interview with Billboard, the superproducer said that his latest work "felt like an updated version of that old Death Row sound, kind of an updated G-Funk." "I just started working on these tracks and they had a lot of those similar elements, just felt like newer versions of that feeling," he continued.

Cool Aid is set to be released on July 1. Check out the artwork above and let us know what you think in the comments below.