Snoop Dogg has signed on with MTV to host his own variety series titled 'Dogg After Dark.' The show will consist of interviews, sketch comedy bits, musical performances and will also feature the 'Snoopadelics,' Snoop's own house band.

"Snoop has been a mainstay across MTV screens for over a decade by pushing the boundaries of hip-hop with his signature antics, incredible catalog of music, legendary videos, larger-than-life personality and even a little controversy," says Van Toffler, president of MTV Networks. "I can't even begin to imagine MTV, my tumultuous career and several raging ulcers without the Dogg being such a big part of our history."

This marks the second television series Snoop's had with MTV. In 2002 he starred in and produced 'Doggy Fizzle Televizzle,' a short-lived sketch comedy series. Snoop also has his own reality series centered around his family that airs on the E! network, which is currently in its 2nd season.

In addition to a new television show, Snoop has also signed a multi-rights deal with MTV to distribute, market, and promote his next album, 'Malice in Wonderland,' due out later this year that will include production from his long time friend and producer Dr. Dre. Snoop split from Interscope Records last week after a ten-year relationship.

'Dogg After Dark' is set to premiere on February 17, at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.