Snoop Dogg wants to improve your smoking experience. The Long Beach rapper has acquired a stake in Blunt Magic, a smoking paraphernalia company which produces a bottled spray that decreases odor and improves the taste of a blunt.

The product reportedly uses all-natural, FDA-approved ingredients which will only enhance the smoking process. You spray it on your stash before rolling up the blunt, so when it's lit no odor is emitted. The spray costs about $7 per bottle and comes in both blueberry and grape flavors, perhaps a nod to this and this strain of cannabus.

In a press release, Snoop encouraged his customers to give their feedback after spritzing. "Roll 'Doggy-style' with Blunt Magic and see what it do," Snoop said in the statement. "Check out our product online and in specialty smoke shops and let me know what you think."

Snoop's recent business projects included a limited edition t-shirt line for Upper Playground clothing, which were inspired by his 'Gin & Juice' video and a promotional deal with Mafia Wars video game. Check out the product at and watch Snoop entertain during a photo shoot. Blunt Magic is co-owned by VIP Ventures.

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