Snoop Dogg is getting in touch with nature and launching a new video show called Planet Snoop.

The series, hosted on his marijuana-themed YouTube channel Merry Jane, will feature the Doggfather narrating funny animal clips. The show seems to be inspired by Snoop's hilarious "Plizzanet Earth" segments on Jimmy Kimmel Live last year.

In the video above, Snoop is providing ringside-styled commentary on a fierce battle between a snake and a squirrel. You would think the venomous reptile will be victorious in this showdown but surprisingly the squirrel won after delivering a hard head bite.

"I ain't never seen no s--- like this, either," said Snoop, amazed by the squirrel's quick agility and ferociousness.

"That squirrel belong in a gang, that's not Alvin, Simon or Theodore," he jokingly adds.

For the record, Alvin, Simon and Theodore are chipmunks -- not squirrels. But it's Snoop, and he's an O.G., so we'll let it slide.

Planet Snoop is poised to become a popular show on his channel, since his fans have been petitioning him to do a nature show.

If you love the video above, check out his "Plizzanet Earth" segments below, which are equally funny.

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