Snoop Dogg is back -- in reggae form! Earlier this year, producer Diplo revealed that he was working with the Cali rapper on an album of Jamaican-flavored music, and now, the newly rechristened Snoop Lion has dropped "La La La," the first single from Reincarnated, due out later this year.

Floating like spliff smoke on a vintage reggae riddim, Snoop affects a gentle patois and sing-raps lyrics about the "hypocrites" of the world, declaring, "Them a spread dirty lies/ them a no me friend."

Snoop Lion has also roared his way onto social media, and in a Twitter post, the ganja-loving MC espoused a a rather reggae-like message of unity.

"the world needs more love right now. wisdom. guidance. protection," he tweeted.

Over on his Tumblr page, Snoop Lion has also announced an Aug. 3 show in Toronto.

Listen to Snoop Lion's "La La La"

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