Snoop Dogg has become the second rapper to partner with a French spirits brand within the past few weeks. In mid-June, T.I. announced a new partnership with Remy Martin Cognac and now the Long Beach rapper has inked a new marketing agreement with Landy Cognac.

Snoop will be expected to tout the brand at a variety of upcoming promotional events, including after-parties and his own concerts. According to Stephen Lewin, senior VP and general manager of spirits at W.J. Deutsch & Sons, Snoop will help the brand target their growing urban market.

"Snoop Dogg epitomizes confidence, innovation and is known to be the life of the party, making him the ideal choice to partner with Landy Cognac -- a brand that mirrors these characteristics," said Lewin said in a statement. "Snoop leads the hip, fashionable and smooth lifestyle that Landy Cognac represents, and is sure to resonate with the strong urban following that Landy is rapidly growing."

In addition to his new stint with Landy Cognac, one of the Doggfather's most lucrative business ventures this year includes his new title as the creative chairman of Priority Records. But most recently Snoop made headlines when he attempted to use the entire country of Liechtenstein for a video shoot. His request was eventually denied because officials were not given enough time to process and prepare for the request.