Beyond the rap game, Snoop Dogg has always shown lots of love and interest in the worlds of sports and fashion. He's bringing both of those together in a new deal with athletic-giant Adidas that will find Snoop designing his own line of custom sneakers. This is his second foray into the shoe industry after a collaboration with Doggy Biscuits and Pony on his first line.

According to Snoop, the first pair of his trademark Adidas will pay tribute to his hometown basketball team: The Los Angeles Lakers. The rapper appears to hold his recent Wiz Khalifa remix concept of 'Purp & Yellow' in high esteem as that's the exact color scheme for the new sneakers. Coming in a high-top model, Snoop expects the shoes to hit stores just in time for the popular NBA All-Star weekend in mid-February.

He told DJ Skee as much in a recent interview on the set of the 'Purp & Yellow' video shoot. "They coming out real soon for NBA All-Star weekend," he said. "Be sure to get a pair of them."

This isn't the first time that Snoop has gotten involved with Adidas, either. In February 2010, he helped the company launch a special collaborative line with 'Star Wars' by walking around Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood with a faux Darth Vader and a group of Storm Troopers. Let's hope he has something even more ridiculous for the launch of his personal line.

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