Snoop Dogg is a busy man. Apart from his music, record label and youth football league, the multi-tasking rapper launched a small t-shirt line with streetwear/lifestyle brand Upper Playground. The limited edition tees are inspired by Snoop Dogg's classic 'Gin & Juice' video and designed by Dustin Canalin, who has created logos for NBA players including Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan.

The collection includes three t-shirts: 'Hockey Snoops,' 'You Don't Love Me' and 'Chronics.' 'Hockey Snoops' were inspired by the traditional hockey jersey, while the 'You Don't Love Me' tee takes a cue from the famed 'I Love New York' logo and, of course, 'Chronics' features what looks like a marijuana leaf. All three are available via Snoop's online store, Snoopermarket, and at Upper Playground's online and brick & mortar stores.

Snoop's one dog with plenty of tricks. He also performs with comedian Mike Epps, who recently hosted BET's Hip-Hop Awards, at Los Angeles' Gibson Theatre on November 3.

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