Snoop Dogg is bringing new meaning to the ol' "Christmas in July" saying. The Doggfather has released the new song 'New Year's Eve,' just a few days shy of Halloween. It's one for the ladies with Snoop rapping, "she got me feelin' like I don't wanna be a playa." Crooner Marty James of One Block Radius hits high notes on the chorus, pushing towards a more R&B flavored track than the pop ballads on the D.O.doubleGs' last album, 'Malice N Wonderland.'

The track is off Snoop's next album, dropping in March of 2011. This past September, a video surfaced of Snoop and Swizz Beatz in the studio, working on the sequel to 1993's monumental hip-hop album, 'Doggystyle.' "The album is 'Doggystyle 2: The Doggumentary,' Be on the lookout for it, you b----," Snoop informed. If this one's off the sequel, it's an interesting lyrical departure from the original's 'Ain't No Fun (If the Homies Can't Have None)' and 'Who Am I (What's My Name)?'

Snoop will appear at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, Calif. on Nov. 3 for another installment of 'Imagine That,' his variety show with Mike Epps.

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