Hip-hop fans familiar with Tone Loc will remember his lauded track 'Wild Thing,' which he released in 1988 and subsequently landed at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Twenty four years later, Snoop Dogg and house music producer and DJ Bob Sinclar have remade the classic song with a similar approach.

On the effort, Sinclar delivers an uptempo dance beat that fits perfectly in the club. The West Coast MC commences the song with a mellow rap replete with flirtatious sentiments geared toward a woman who's caught his eye.

"Working all week, 9-to-5 for my money/ So when the weekend ocmes i go get live with the honeys/ Rollin' down the street, I saw this girl and she was pumpin'/ I winked my eye, she got in my ride, went to the club it was jumpin'," he rhymes.

The 'Doggystyle' creator proceeds to bring the chick back to his hotel room and do the "wild thing." But this lady isn't the only one the rap vet canoodles with. After hitting the mall, he gets up close and personal with yet another, and then a third.

Listen to Snoop Dogg & Bob Sinclair's 'Wild Thing'

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The Life and Career of Snoop Dogg

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