Singer Snoh Aalegra realizes that she's both a dream and a nightmare and she's tapped Common and Killer Mike to help her tell the story.

On 'Bad Things,' produced by No I.D., the Swedish-born, Los Angeles resident sings of a good girl gone bad and she's not necessarily feeling guilty about the change. The track features a mid-tempo beat that has a sense of drama.

"I do bad things to good versions of me / I find good things in bad versions of me / I don't know, it's just versions of me, babe," she sings on the hook.

What makes this track especially interesting is the fact that she invited Common and Run the Jewels' Killer Mike to put verses on two different versions.

Common's verse reveals that he's a good guy that can get into trouble, but he tries to keep things on the straight and narrow -- even though he's tempted by a bad girl like her.

"A child of the light goin' wild for the night / 'Cause most the fights I have, yo I have with myself / A good doer, I can do bad by myself / The sad that I felt that I could never be / With nobody, girl you know my G / O.D. on the good life, I'm a man, it's simple / Probably the things I been through went the evil that meant to / I want my cake and eat it, heartbreak they take and leave it / The same song I'm being featured, I can't delete it / The good you can see it, but you really get bad girl," he delivers.

Listen to Snoh Aalegra's 'Bad Things' Feat. Common

Meanwhile on Killer Mike's verse, he straight up says he's no good or even worse than Snoh. And by their own vices, they can essentially do bad things together. But in the end, he's just no good.

"My killer country lingo make these women treat me single / They mingle with amigo, head, yeah and it's on / And I ain't ever hit her, but yeah I got some dome, gone / To my next adventure, exts you was textin', but can't exit with you / I said I love you, girl please, I was messin' with you / The E must have had me Xin' with you / Molly and a mirror wanna have me flexin' on you / Cause baby I'm a liar, cheater, killer, willer, dealer," he spits on the mic.

Listen to Snoh Aalegra's 'Bad Things' Feat. Killer Mike

'Bad Things' appears on her upcoming EP, 'There Will Be Sunshine," which arrives Monday (Nov. 17) via ARTium, the label founded by No I.D. to which she's signed to. Stream the whole project on Snoh's website.

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