We've sat back and watched Pharrell and Nigo pump out a few releases but the Kanye West and adidas collaboration has, at times, felt like a pump-fake. Well, the long road to the adidas Yeezi just took a turn for the interesting and it almost goes without saying that we had to make it the Sneaker of the Week.

Okay, let's be clear; the adidas Yeezi isn't the Sneaker of the Week, but Kanye's newly launched web site yeezy.supply is. Right now, the URL plays host to video footage of a warehouse with a countdown running over it. It's apparent that something is going to be sold there. We just have to wait a few more days to find out what that something is.

The count is set for a Feb. 12 launch at 4PM and at that point, we hope that the heavily-anticipated sneaker will release. You never can tell with Kanye though, and it could just be another song featuring Paul McCartney. Either way, we're excited.