On an overcast day in New York, The BoomBox met up with Jim Jones as the rapper/businessman hand-delivered 5,000 copies of his 'Ghost of Rich Porter' mixtape to some of his favorite, and familiar, spots in his old Harlem neighborhood. Between taking and making phone calls on one of his multiple phones -- business line, iPhone and old faithful flip-phone -- and patiently waiting for the day to shape up as expected, Jones proves that he remains close to the streets that helped raise him as he bounces in and out of his brand-new Camaro to simultaneously shake hands, take pictures with fans, run errands (barber shop, juice bar) and promote 'Ghost of Rich Porter.'

Watch a teaser from "A Day in the Life: Jim Jones" after the jump and check back in for the full feature on Wednesday, March 31. To download the 'Ghost of Rich Porter' mixtape head here.