British duo Snakehips are in good company in the video for "All My Friends" featuring Tinashe and Chance the Rapper.

Tinashe sits on top of the world -- or at the edge of a rooftop overlooking New York City -- as she sings her way into the intro of the song. "We open with the vultures, kissing the cannibals / Sure I get lonely, when I'm the only / Only human in the heaving heat of the animals," she coos.

The scene moves to a line outside of a club featuring people of different walks of life. One couple is seen making out while another argue. Others engage in conversation until we get to Chance the Rapper's lyrics. Unfortunately, the Chicago rapper doesn't make an appearance in the visual but his stand in uses some cool moves to carry out his rhymes.

Just as he rhymes "skrrr" the guy, apparently drunk with a brown paper bag in his hand, nearly falls to the ground. "Crash on the floor, catch the Z-Z-Zs," Chance delivers. After nearly getting hit by a car, the inebriated dude smiles and pours some liquor out before taking a seat on the ground.

The standout scene happens as the visual gets even trippier. The camera rotates as people are seen getting into a fight, making out, throwing up and ultimately deciding to bumrush the club's bouncer.

In the background, Tinashe's voice lingers on. "All my friends are wasted / And I hate this club / Man I drink too much / Another Friday night I wasted / My eyes are black and red / I'm crawling back to your bed," she sings.

Watch the madness unfold above.

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