My definition for 'So Fly' focuses mainly on feeling good about yourself. When you're comfortable in your own skin those around you can feel it and see it. Take for example my first single 'So Fly'; it was this summer's anthem and should be the song for YOU ... It's all a state of mind, so keep in mind that when I made this song, I was speaking on your attitude and your state of being... 'So Fly.'

For instance, you just got that check or a lil' extra cash in your pocket, so you decide to hit up your boys, go out and have a good time-You're feeling good for that particular moment, day, or even weekend...You're 'So Fly'

It doesn't stop there... If you wake up with a "Fly" attitude every day, it doesn't matter what happens, you set the pace for yourself and your day & no one can jeopardize that! In addition, the 'So Fly' attitude gives you a certain confidence that can help influence your decisions and actions.

Finally, having a 'So Fly' attitude is a great way to go about life, because if you're feeling good about yourself and have an "I Can" attitude from the moment you wake up and thank God, you're guaranteed a positive outcome!

Remember, being 'So Fly' is a way of life! Until next time...M3 Baby!

Check out the video for 'So Fly' below.