Indie rap supergroup Slaughterhouse are hoping to be the next signing to Eminem's label, Shady Records, yet their record labels are apparently blocking the move.

Brooklyn rapper Joell Ortiz took to Twitter to vent his frustrations with his label, E1 Music (formerly Koch Records), writing "Little known fact -- E1 also jamming me up from doing a major, major deal as part of Slaughterhouse...E1 is f--king c--kblocking us from doing something monumental for our fans and our careers."

Unfortunately, E1's deal with Ortiz is not the group's only obstruction. "To be fair, e1 is not the only people blocking -- there's another bozo involved," tweeted Ortiz.

That bozo appears to be Amalgam Digital's DJ Next, creative director/owner of the label which signed Joe Budden to an extremely generous deal with a $140K advance. When Budden allegedly refused to turn in his album 'The Great Escape,' the last record he owes Amalgam, Next aired the NJ rapper out on Twitter, claiming Budden used the advance to buy his former girlfriend Tahiry a Mercedes Benz, and lied to his fans regarding his dispute with the label.

"If our intention was to hold him back, we would have NEVER signed the 'side-artist' agreement allowing him to record with E1for the first [Slaughterhouse] record," Next tweeted. "We starved so he could eat. He lied to his group, he lied to his manager and he lied to his fans. He's also lied to me."

Growing increasingly personal in their dispute, Next continued, "I've helped him more than you can imagine. Beyond just our business relationship, I went out of my way to help him and he screwed me ... Apparently, buying his ex-girlfriend a new Benz RIGHT before she left him was more important than using his budget to record the album." The label owner also claimed to have lent Budden $15,000 in cash so that he could "straighten up his deadbeat dad issues."

Budden countered with some vitriol of his own. "First of all, to fully understand [Next], you'd have to know him. He's a little off in the way he thinks, which I am also, but just to try and hint at what I'm talking about, he believes he's part of some Illuminati shit and can control the president's moves with one phone call," Budden wrote.

The rapper continued to explain that the label mislead him in a variety of ways, forging his signature and proffering to allow him to release Slaughterhouse with E1, only to turn around and block the deal.

"Dude wanted to sign Slaughterhouse, didn't happen," Budden explained. "I signed a two album deal after ['Padded Room'], one digital, one physical with a $140,000 advance all in, 80 to be paid up front, 60 for them to hold to pay producers, mixing, etc. Said contract was two pages, one being the actual contract, one being the sheet to sign ... Slaughterhouse signs to E1. Dude then calls E1 and my lawyer saying that I'm not legally allowed to do that album because I'm signed to him in an exclusive capacity and sends over a contract the size of a book with my signature, stating all types of crazy a-- s---. They're in charge of my merchandise, publishing, etc, & its a three album deal. I claim I didn't sign that bulls--- and there will be no 'Escape Route' until this matter is cleared up. He calls to beg for 'Escape Route' and in exchange will clear me to record the Slaughterhouse album while we clear everything up."

Budden concluded by stating that Amalgam is a "piece of s--- company' that refused to pay his producers, and turned down his offer of $140,000 to buy back his contract, a claim which Next directly refutes.

While the beef between the Slaughterhouse members and their labels is decidedly bloody, it is also worth pointing out that the label that they are attempting to sign with, Shady/Aftermath, is notorious for failing to release albums/shelving artists into obscurity.