Rapper Maino and bluesy rockers Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds not only share the same sophomore album release day (Feb. 28), they also call home to the same New York City borough: Brooklyn. This unity brought the entertainers together for the band's new video 'Make It Rain,' a song featured on their new LP, 'Pound of Dirt.'

Arleigh Kincheloe, who is the Sister Sparrow of the bunch -- she's supported by her eight bandmates -- showcases her raspy lyrics over a bed of trumpets and drums as the video commences. "By the looks of the horse I rode into town, you can see I'm saddled and fit to throw down," she sings as the lyrics are spraypainted onto a building.

"The 'Make It Rain' video is inspired by the grit and grime of Brooklyn, where both Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds and Maino are from," Kincheloe tells The BoomBox. "At our first meeting with Maino, we felt an instant connection and realized that our inspiration for making music comes from the same place: it's about creating without fear, crossing boundaries, and continuing to evolve as artists. We were thrilled when Maino showed an interest, and think the pairing is explosive."

The visuals include the New York City backdrop full of apartment buildings and skyscrapers moving to the sounds of the band's refreshing instruments.

Maino, who's the standout figure in the video, serves a positive verse of carefree living. "One life to live, so let's live it though/ Feel free to be yourself and let it go," he rhymes.

The rapper's sophomore album, 'The Day After Tomorrow,' is in stores now.

Watch Sister Sparrow's 'Make It Rain' Video

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