One month after Sir Michael Rocks' dropped the second installment of his Popular EP comes his latest visual for "How Are You So Calm."

To promote the seven-track project, the 28-year-old rhymer constructed a concept video to illustrate his life on the set of a photo shoot, or in this case, the lack thereof. After waiting three hours for the photographer to show up, young Mikey depicts himself falling asleep on a black couch and drifting into a colorful daydream full of random topics.

Michael starts by calling out the photographer who never showed up.

"N---a/Don't you get it?/This is never gonna end/I put him on my schedule/I'ma fill him with lead/I'm pencil him in/I guess it's your lucky day/You f--- with me and today I got time."

Mikey's subconscious reflections go from taking pictures with The Hobbit to robbing his own money out of a bank. But they don't stop there. The Illinois-bred rapper goes on to paint himself as Kanye and Pharrell's living spawn.

"If Kanye and Pharrell had a baby in hell/Watching Animal Planet that was kidnapped and arranged/By the alley mechanic, that would be me."

While this may not be Popular 2's No. 1 single, it certainly shows off Mikey's never-ending creativity and love for energetic production.

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